WOW! What an evening - you are all stars - SUPERSTARS!

The 2016 Celebration Evening

Venue Sandburn Hall, A64, Flaxton, York.                         People attended: 165

Saturday 15th October 5.00 - 7.00pm

Kids and adults alike had an amazing time - thank you for your feedback.  I think the kids loved getting involved in the games, and of course collecting their Certificates, wristbands and trophies - check out these photos!

Photos are free to download from our site, and should print out 7x5 with no problems, but do get in touch if we can help you in any way!

COACH OF THE YEAR 2017: JACK WOOD - who received a rapturous reception :

Here's to another amazing year of tennis - and remember, keep playing all year!

Photos copright: Gareth Buddo, Furmoto Photography

2016: A wonderful evening celebrating the achievements of children's tennis

Games, quizzes, puzzles, the Waterfall Challenge, the 2-ball contest and lots of certificates, wristbands and trophies made this a night to remember!

Coach of the year was Jack Wood.

Photos copright: Gareth Buddo, Furmoto Photography